First rejection.

Lucy being asked if she wouldn’t like to read it a second time and write a review.

Throwback Thursday? Really?

BEAUTY? Check out, then go to this page on the site and scroll to the bottom for a Mother’s Day shopping review. 377,097 unique monthly viewers – don’t understand what that means, especially here, and yet…

Easter. Portuguese at one end of town, Italians the other, a few devout Yankees left in the midst, meaning everybody’s at church, and I can slip this personal essay by.  How the book began.  But, no, 2300 words – don’t … Continue reading

Gloucester souls only. Well, if you’re going to look anyway. Carol, Beauty as she’s finally called, gets good placement because, as natives know, this is the window of The Bookstore on Main Street. In the reflection, yes, Gloucester, a tough, … Continue reading

Amazon alert to women this morning – yeah, came to me, but that’s a conversation for another day. Dear Customer, Customers who have shown an interest in literature and fiction books might like to know about these new and … Continue reading

Author just finished first (and only, as he thought) draft.

This from  18,471 unique visitors a month, which apparently isn’t bad.  All new to me.  No objections.  

First pages of BEAUTY