Break from the long form, and its cost?  Here’s a fine uncomfortable short story, $.99.   Nope, I don’t have the Amazon allergy – they pay and publish, and everybody I meet there I like (which I cannot tell Dorothy who … Continue reading

Lucy’s message being: If you read it and liked it, review it on Amazon.  No, actually, Lucy has not, but if she could, she would.  It’s a screen-and-claw issue, why she orders over the phone and reads paper — about … Continue reading

Not so difficult as myth would have it, but there is a loss of innocence.  Leslie still quite beautiful, but here, yes, before she began hanging out with theater people and writers.

Reading Santa Fe tonight.  Collected Works, corner Gallisteo  and Water, 6:00 pm. Here’s the 2 minute version (one or the other should work) if you’re away.  Would that I were away.  No, no, actually eager as can be. … Continue reading

online interview question: Book You Most Want To Read Again For The First Time Every reader has a different answer, or different reason for it.  Mine, as you see.   Thurber has a story called “The Dog That Bit People.” … Continue reading

Different take, from a fine Gloucester novelist, woman of course, “I love BEAUTY because it’s a feminist fish thriller.”  

On more businesslike note, a retired partner at McKinsey says,   This is the best “business romance” you will ever read. The question is why would you want to read it. Because it shows how the small business world works–not … Continue reading

For God sake.  She’s been peeking to see how it comes out.

Yep.  Even Lucy is reading it, and she usually only reads junk about how to work a kitchen floor, how to time the coffee table during a party.  What we do for friends – also I bribed her.

See and hear, At The Same Time, an author speak. Very Brief, but Real Words.