Author just finished first (and only, as he thought) draft.

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First pages of BEAUTY

An email from Amazon to a pal. I couldn’t copy the whole. Skills. So I copied what I could and faked the rest. Hey, no, it was real. Good list, BEAUTY at the top. Your                                      … Continue reading

Also, of course, when you read good novels, you travel in good spirits with good people.  Yes, these two are married now, but that’s beside the point.

See how smart you can look if you read the right novel?  Okay, Abbie was smart before.  Daughters.  Even so.

Break from the long form, and its cost?  Here’s a fine uncomfortable short story, $.99.   Nope, I don’t have the Amazon allergy – they pay and publish, and everybody I meet there I like (which I cannot tell Dorothy who … Continue reading

Lucy’s message being: If you read it and liked it, review it on Amazon.  No, actually, Lucy has not, but if she could, she would.  It’s a screen-and-claw issue, why she orders over the phone and reads paper — about … Continue reading

Not so difficult as myth would have it, but there is a loss of innocence.  Leslie still quite beautiful, but here, yes, before she began hanging out with theater people and writers.