Sometimes, even when at a great museum, you can think to yourself, “You know what?  I wish I was home reading a good book.”  It’s at those times that one looks around and wonders, “Is that my driver?”  Or, as … Continue reading

Looking in the mirror: a function of age and good looks and the erratic sense of what is becoming (and there’s an archaic locution).  Anyway some of have an aversion to mirrors. And yet.  Simon and Schuster told me, no … Continue reading

Earlier posts suggested, more than suggested, that aging women protagonists, especially if they’ve got ambition and skills and a sustaining hope of love, are anathema to editors.  Surprising to me, that posting got little attention. The posting that did get … Continue reading

Leslie insisted, so: the author, looking like a minister sternly sermonizing. As it happens, I was at the edge, and sometimes beyond the edge, of weeping throughout. Wrote the book with no hint of a tear, but something ticked over … Continue reading

Write a review on Amazon.  No, you can do this.  Five star rating would make best sense. ( Also, Gloucester reading today.  Live author. And for those who thought that, with large dogs and small children and pretty … Continue reading

Oh, boy. You got it. You’re going to love it.


Hate? Professional reviewers like your work or not. It gets interesting with more likes or more nots. Now civilians weigh in, online, and enough liking or not can move sales – a good thing. But one interesting tribe of civilians … Continue reading

REAL SIMPLE raves about BEAUTY.  I don’t know the magazine, but Leslie tells me to get a grip and spread the word. They say, “Vivid…This uplifting story reminded me that sudden changes in life, though unnerving, can produce beautiful results.” … Continue reading

Men.  Usually a less than serious event.  But here a serious question. Can they, may they, should they, must they not, write women? No.  Please say. Because BEAUTY is a woman named Carol MacLean, and before she took over, I … Continue reading